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Development sheet 3.0


Roland Rasch

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Feedback - in human communication, refers to the return of information by the recipient of a message to the sender of that message. This information reports to the sender what the recipient has perceived or understood, and enables the sender to react to the recipient's feedback by correcting the behavior. This can be communicated verbally or in writing - this is the definition according to Wikipedia.

Do your goalkeepers receive regular feedback on your observations? Do you give them a report on their development? In an internal survey we conducted, only 30% received continuous feedback from the trainer (team). How should goalkeepers learn about their next development steps, if not from the coach?

We would be happy to provide you with the latest version of our observation / development sheet. Please understand this only as a recommendation and adapt it to your philosophy or your needs, if necessary.

Our philosophy serves as a basis for evaluation:
Which skills (from competition requirements and requirement profile) should a goalkeeper have learned at which point in time (dependencies, e.g. age, level, number of training, etc.) according to the philosophy?

A stored, mathematical formula determines a score. In our opinion, this score gives the goalkeeper a more consistent position report than "good" or "less good". The trainer can take this up in follow-up discussions without neglecting the individual categories.

We look forward to your feedback in handling the development sheet 3.0!

"Das Gefühl war absolut überwältigend"


Roland Rasch

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In 5 Jahren an die Spitze


Peter Rasch

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Roland Rasch
Roland Rasch
Goalkeeping School Peter Rasch, Hannover 96

If it's my father who brings the action, I provide the educational basis for a successful development of young goalkeepers. We've put our complete knowledge into this platform – I hope you enjoy it!

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