Goalkeeper training exercises: All football exercises for the goalkeeper

Goalkeeper training differs in some respects from the training of field players in soccer. First, soccer goalkeepers need to improve their technical skills so they can perform well under pressure. Tactical training is also important for modern goalkeepers, so they know how to organize their defenders and where to position themselves on the pitch.

The best exercises for your modern training

From more than 20 years of training experience in the amateur and performance areas, we have put together the best exercises in an extensive exercise database for you. You will learn how to train the goalkeeper in a targeted manner and how to challenge them ideally in team training. As a trainer, you can put together exercises for your goalkeeper training with just a few clicks and expand your knowledge in advanced courses. All exercises can be downloaded as PDF and printed out. For each goalkeeper training exercise there is a detailed explanation of the structure, the required cones and much more!

From warming up to technique to tactics

Our platform covers the complete range of all training areas: Agility, responsiveness, game situations, coordination training, ball attack, footwork, kneeling, goalkeeping techniques and much more! You can filter all exercises according to many criteria. You can find some with or without the ball, to improve jumping power or speed, for 1 vs. 1 situations or for passing. Our training programs help you to set the right training priorities and to develop all the important skills of your goalkeeper.

Improve goalie fitness

Your goalkeeper should be fit to achieve best performances and reduce the risk of injury. Since the motion sequences of field players differ, the training should be tailored to the muscle groups that are particularly stressed and the body should be trained for this. We will help you to choose suitable exercises, from the warm-up program to demanding situations like in the professional area.

Preventing opposing goals

If the opponent takes a shot on goal, the goalkeeper has to react quickly to catch the ball or save the shot. In addition to quick reflexes and reactions, the movement sequence must be internalized through good technical preparation. Kicks, jumping or passing to your own players also need to be practiced. Our numerous goalkeeper drills cover many situations from low balls to the ball at the highest point. Variations and pro tips will help you prepare goalkeepers for league games and prevent opposing goals.

Become a better goalkeeping coach

Modern goalkeeper training does not have to be difficult. In our courses for beginners to professionals you will find out how to focus on goalkeeper training in football training. There is a video for each exercise that shows the exact procedure. This way you can see ball attacks and running paths in action and can apply the exercises more easily on the field.

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With passion and attention to detail, we've transfered our best drills into a unique and world-class set of training programmes designed to help experienced goalkeeper coaches and ambitious club coaches.

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Tim Brandes
Tim Brandes
Hannover 96, NFV

In 2014, I first asked Peter what it would take to have all his goalkeeping experience in a unified drill and video database. Now we're finally here and fortunately, I have no idea how many thousand working hours exactly went into this project.

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