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Are you looking for ways to vary your training sessions and get to know our platform? NUMBER ONE is our welcome gift for you. It is a journey designed to get to know the world of your Number 1. Coach and improve the savings of low and half-height shots.

Five diverse drills without much material requirements form a complete and challenging training session for your goalkeepers. Let us show you how versatile modern goalkeeper training can be.

This Training Programme is a gift for you!

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5 Drills
Including HD-videos, beautiful illustrations, detailed descriptions and a printable PDF.
1 Training Session
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All Drills are always available in your personal drill database.
Included Drills
Technique goal defense Technique goal playing
Catching and saving low and half-height shots
Warmup circuit with jumps, ball- and surface acclimatisation
Warm up
Warmup circuit with jumps and lateral low shots
Warm up
Tripple low balls around marker cones
Cone jump with lateral low save
Fallback into position and save lateral shots
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Peter Rasch
Goalkeeping School Peter Rasch, Hannover 96

Since 2002, Peter has been training young goalkeepers with the Hannover 96 Academy, the 96-Football-School, and his own famous goalkeeper school in Hannover, Germany. Sunday is sacred, apart from that day, every day is training day for his goalkeepers, starting from the little ones at age six up to the seniors. Talents like Timo Königsmann, Stina Johannes, Kilian Neufeld and Philipp Schulze started their young careers with Peter as their coach to build a foundation that would take them to the junior national teams of the German Football Association (DFB).

Roland Rasch
Goalkeeping School Peter Rasch, Hannover 96

Roland is on his way to the DFB-Elite-Youth-Licence and a successful degree holder of the advanced DFB-Goalkeeper-License. He coaches young goalkeepers with Hannover 96-Football-School and brings his long-term experience into account when forcing the structural basis and innovative approaches.

With his experience as a hybrid coach for both field players and goalkeepers, Roland builds a bridge from isolated goalkeeper training to an integrated team-training approach.

Tim Brandes
Hannover 96, NFV

Tim holds a UEFA-B-License and is a goalkeeper coach at the Hannover 96-Football-School. He is also scouting for the lower saxony youth state teams. Together with Peter, he coached young goalkeepers at the Hannover 96 Youth Academy, but focusses nowadays on his software business. Tim developed this platform and coordinates all technical processes with his company, Zinkler & Brandes GmbH in Hannover, Germany.

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This Training Programme is a gift for you!

You just need a free user account to transfer all included drills into your personal drill database.
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Peter Rasch
Peter Rasch
Goalkeeping School Peter Rasch, Hannover 96

Training goalkeepers has to be fun and there has to be a high level of energy! With me, there is always action. Fun, ambition and discipline in goalkeeper training – that's my philosophy.

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