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This drill is perfectly suited for small pitches.

Tripple low balls around marker cones

Main Catching Movement Coordination Landing Speed

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Marker Cones
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Starting from quick footwork, goalkeepers have to get into position to save low balls quickly.

A marker cone is positioned around 1 m from the goal post and the goal line. The other marker is positioned about 4-5 m in a central position. The coach positiones himself with two balls looking torwards the first marker. A second ball is statically positioned in front of the second marker cone.

  1. Starting at the goal post, the goalkeeper quickly moves around the first marker, then standing in a ready position (Figure 1).
  2. The coach shoots a central low ball (Figure 1).
  3. The keeper rolls the ball back to the coach and then attacks the static ball in front of the second marker aggressively for a save (Figure 2).
  4. Leaving the just saved ball lying in place, the keeper goes around the second marker with quick feet and saves another ball served by the coach (Figure 3).
  1. Start only with central low balls and the static save of the second ball.
  2. Then enhance and let the coach roll the second ball towards the second marker.

The goalkeeper must always work diagonally into the ball. Even though we are talking about lateral saves to the side, the motion is always slightly forward facing thus gaining momentum and strength behind the ball.

Pro-Tip by Peter Rasch

Don’t speculate, even though the goalkeeper knows where the ball is supposed to go. If they do, I’ll sometimes just drop the ball from my hand and they have to attack it. Surprises are always welcome so nobody goes into cheating mode.

Pro-Tip by Roland Rasch

Clever forwards just recognise the keeper’s movements. Tip: react, don’t speculate!

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